Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's For All the Marbles

They would lead you to believe that "their livelihood is being taken away." But what they're truly concerned with goes far beyond the realm the anti-SB5 crowd is willing to discuss. In the words of Barack Obama, "make no mistake," this is about the next election. The anti-SB5 crowd understands this concept but they aren't willing to say it, and for good reason, as it would never pass a referendum if they actually stayed on point, and openly discussed what this is all about. But if you beat down their logic long enough, you'll find that the true heart of their argument is the before mentioned agenda. If those of us who oppose the symbiotic relationship between the Democratic constituents and their union supporters, are not cognitively aware of this fact, then the Republicans and Tea Party's victory in November will be very short lived. They understand this and they have the momentum.  We need to pull out all of the stops, but above all else, we must keep this simple truth in the forefront of all our arguments, for it is the status quo of union extortion that has helped to get us exactly where we are now with the corrupt public sector voting practices via public unions and the democratic party.

This is for all the marbles. This is about the way in which the democrats buy votes through the protection of laws like Collective Bargaining. This is how the Great Community Organizer, Barack Obama utilizes the public sector by creating dependent public sector workers who guarantee the votes. If we don't take this as seriously as they are - no... I take that back. If we don't take this even more seriously than they are, then all good accomplished to date will be lost in the up coming election, and SB5 will not make it through referendum. 

There's no turning back now. We told our elected officials that we would stand behind them, and now we're less than three months into it and we're in the battle of our lives. Kasich believed us when we told him we had his back and so he left no door or window open to turn back from. We must fight to pass SB5 like our lives depend upon it, as certainly our economy, our Country, our children, and grand children's futures depends upon it. These are not selfless public sector workers we're battling here, these are selfish, what's in it for me union members making sure they protect what they believe is rightfully theirs.  

What are we up against in the fight for our children's future? We're going to battle commercials showing firemen saving children from a burning building.  We're going to battle commercials of police officers patrolling a crime infested neighborhood.  We're going to battle commercials showing teachers in the classroom teaching our children, and we're going to get commentary from each and every one of them that will demonize our Governor as well as the Tea Party.  If you're not aware how much they hate the Tea Party then you're living under a rock.  They would love nothing more than to see SB5 crash and burn, while they use the public sentiment to further trash and condemn the Tea Party. 

Our work is cut out for us.  We have a Governor that was elected by less than half of the popular vote.  We have an angry public sentimental favorite in the public sector workers consisting of Police, Firemen and school teachers, and everything is at stake.  EVERYTHING is at stake.   

This is our Country. We need to take it back. The blood of our Grand Fathers was shed for everything our Constitution stands for, and for what our forefathers envisioned. Need a boost of inspiration?  Visit the VA cemetery on the West side of town and take a look at the Crosses than adorn those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Many of the people protesting SB5 couldn't carry the water of any one of the men and women who died for our great country. Why?  Because they don't understand the concept of sacrifice for the greater good.  There's a huge disconnect between kicking in the door to save the life of someone in a burning home, and kicking out a union that threatens life as we know it through insurmountable debt, threatening the future of our grand children and ultimately this great country. They have a rather selective language barrier when it comes to protecting their short term. Our bottom line is we are broke.  What about broke don't they understand? Oh believe me, they understand.  The question is do we.  Do we really get what's at stake here? 

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