Sunday, May 22, 2016

Zuckerberg Marriage to the Uni-party Agenda and Facebook Censorship

Lately I've noticed commentary, (borderline narrative at this point) but consistent commentary from certain News outlets on this subject. Last night for example on Fox, Greg Gutfeld and friends stated that Facebook is strictly for "people to look up old high school boyfriends and girlfriends and see what they're up to." Gutfeld and friends said this on one of their comfy couches with a panel that consisted of a liberal (whom I could actually smell decaying through my television set) along with a kinda wanna be Hipster Conservative, and a couple of "info babes."  Somehow the use of Facebook as a tool for free speech, "is not what Facebook should really be all about." "It's not a political forum, it's for grandma to look at pictures of the grand kids." Is this yet another tell tale sign that Facebook and the propaganda media are in cahoots? Hmmm...

Yet for many, including myself, Facebook has obviously evolved into more. (To the chagrin of some) Facebook is however, convenient for sharing ideas and substantive thought. I will occasionally blog, but I stay on top of politics through a web of blogs and news sources, and then I sort it out on Facebook. The result? My view, for whatever it's worth, but it's my view of what I think is going on, and it usually has my opinion right along with it. Occasionally I get feedback back from some of you who enjoy my Facebook posts. (Some of you enjoy with me while others enjoy at me - two welcome camps none the less). 😜

To marginalize the connectivity by minimizing the impact of Facebook is in and of itself a slap in the face of free speech. To filter speech in an attempt to marry an already complicit media and government propaganda machine to a forum whereby folks like myself go to for sorting it, is nothing short of treason. Mark Zuckerberg is a quintessential self entitled spoiled little child with a whole lot of money and power. If he censors free thought, conservative or otherwise then he'll quickly open a door to the demise of Facebook. Networks and news "organizations" struggle to pay the bills. In order for them to survive they realize they must somehow interject a perceived modicum of opposing views. But with a globalist agenda on BOTH the left and right, the people have drawn a line and said no more. It has become the basis for a movement in stark contrast to the globalist agenda. The people made Trump. That's what the media doesn't get. The times made the man. He is the chosen vessel. The Trump Movement.

The real enemy isn't left or right, it's a unified front with a globalist agenda. An attempt to inject immigrants, un-vetted military age Muslims and "refugees" into our divisive and angry state of affairs, perpetuated by the same inter-related media and it's governing uni-party and agenda driven establishment. Just as they've done in Europe. Just as they continue to do now. The Trump movement is a push back against everything they've done the past 40 years here in America and overseas. It's a strange kind of Machiavellian George Soros / Hillary / Jeb / Saudi kinda world, and it's time. Time to make America Great Again.

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