Thursday, April 7, 2016

Donald Trump and the Battle of Bunker Hill

Donald Trump and the Battle of Bunker Hill. 

That evening when the Red Coats pulled into Boston Harbor, they dropped anchor in front of Bunker Hill. Capturing Bunker Hill would give the British total control of Boston Harbor. General Howe told his men to rest up that evening, "we'll strike in the morning" he said. While the General and his men slept in the harbor, the militia got to work.  General Howe woke to a six foot high dirt wall at the top of Bunker Hill.  He was reported to have said, "those colonists have done more work in one evening than my men have done in a month."  ( what a morale builder that guy was )

Not amused by the massive wall, (this one not paid for by Mexico) General Howe ordered cannon fire to destroy it, but to no avail. General Howe then ordered his men to take Bunker Hill.  As the Red Coats advanced up the Hill carrying their heavy muskets, they were easy targets for the militia. The militia were ordered, "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!"  No sooner did the first wave of Red Coats take to the hill, did their dead bodies descend it, followed by retreat of their countrymen. The Colonists won the first attack. The General ordered his men back up the hill, and wave after wave they were mowed down by musket fire.  Eventually, the Red Coats did take Bunker Hill, but with Yuge losses. The body count was so disproportionate that the battle actually emboldened the Colonists rather than defeated their spirit.  That is Donald J. Trump in Wisconsin.

The first wave up the Hill in Wisconsin were the media zealots.  Taking aim with "Grabgate."  A pathetic attempt at tying two false narratives together, using a tart named "Fields."  Grabgate tied the false narratives that;

  1. Trump's campaign nurtured a culture of violence
  2. Trump will not back down even when he's wrong
In order to answer the first wave up the Hill, musket fire took the form of common sense.  Trump never invited paid protesters to his rallies, (only Soros did) and secondly he's admitted to being wrong in the past, when he switched from Democrat to Republican.  Soon the cries for retreat were heard, but the establishment ordered the second wave up the Hill.  

The 2nd wave was met with the same visceral admonishment.  Megyn Kelly, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Charles Krauthammer all continued to pound away with cannon fire as their troops repeatedly were met with fatality after fatality. Kelly pleading her case to the networks how she's been harmed as a woman, as Trump answers a hypothetical question from Chris Matthews.  

Matthews:  "Mr. Trump, if there is a hypothetical law and that law is broken, should the hypothetical person who broke that hypothetical law be punished?"  

Trump:  "Yes."  

Charge!  Now the third wave ascends the Hill in week two of Wisconsin!  Now it's time to charge with the already in place corrupt political machine of Governor Scott Walker.  This wave falls but begins to take ground.  The establishment sends in wave after wave of Red Coats.  Climbing over the dead they continue to ascend and descend, ascend and descend to the smell of blood and gun powder. Muskets are so hot, they're burning the hands of the patriots yet they still fight on.  Wave after wave, talk radio, television media, print, cable, satellite, super pacs into the combined billions til finally they crest the Hill!  The disproportionate body count in terms of money spent?  When the smoke clears the atrocity is visible, for having had lost Wisconsin, the Patriots had found an even greater belief in victory at hand.  What the establishment hoard is willing to spend to maintain power over the people is nothing less than astonishing.

Once the smoke had finally cleared, lyin' Ted CRUZe was still left needing 733 of the remaining 769 delegates.  The papers back in Great Britain would spin the story as a Yuge Red Coat victory for his majesty the Establishment, but the Patriots know better.  Despite the loss, many of the generals opposing the Patriots, were heard murmuring in back halls, "that Trump still had nearly 40% of the vote. His base was stronger than ever and it was growing.  Bottom line is this. We're in New York now baby.  Take the FU train to Flatbush lyin' Ted.  We're crossing the Delaware soon.  Real soon.


  1. Great weaving and comparisons in this story, Jon. The drama just keeps building then you have a nice crescendo. Your writing just keeps better and better.

    1. Thanks Riva! Coming from you that's a great compliment! Practice makes perfect. I'm a bit rusty so thanks for the cudos!

  2. Do the laws apply to everyone?
    Cheating Ted Cruz Presidential Hopeful Named In Murdered D.C. Madam’s Black Book, Investigators Charge Embattled White House candidate Ted Cruz‘s cheating scandal is set to explode wide-open, with fresh — and blockbuster — allegations that the married conservative senator was named in the black book of a notorious Washington D.C. madam who mysteriously died, has learned.

    1. Sometimes it really seems like we're watching an episode of House of Cards. ;-)