Sunday, March 27, 2016

Coffee with the Global Elite interview in retrospect, with one of the global elites. 

He slowly sips his coffee, balancing a cigarette in kind. His eyes greet me with utter disdain, yet he has something he is compelled to get off of his chest.  He's simply had enough of the circus, and if he could control time as he and his friends have controlled entire nation states, he would cast 2016 into the 17th century. Another piece of scrap onto the dung heap of history.  During our interview I spot him occasionally glance at a bank of televisions on the wall behind me.  Each of the dozen or so flat screens behind me, displays a different media source from around the globe.  Apparently he's amused at something on one of them, because every once in a while he smiles like he knows another dirty little secret.  Not too many secrets these days, thanks to Donald Trump and his "loud mouthed vulgarian minions." Indeed, in some circles they're calling the Trump campaign the "reality tour," or the "revelation campaign."  In either event, our friend the globalist is not amused, although something has caught his attention behind me. I glance over my right shoulder to see what it is, and apparently it's yet another terrorist attack. But of-course. 

The man about to speak is one of the global elites.  He wants to go on record.  So I let him.

"Americans accuse us of being...what's the word?  Arrogant.  There's nothing more arrogant than an American.  Constantly chanting USA every time one of their offspring hits a ball or crosses a finish line. Quite frankly I find it ironic and nauseating all at the same time.  The flag you pledge to today is our flag now. A mere symbol of what we perpetuate. It has been that way for decades. We, whom you call "elitists," only allow you to hold onto your flags false narrative and the warm fuzzy it gives you, every time the military we own does a flyby at one of your sporting events.  We own the military because we own the government that deploys them. We create the evil for you to dispel and in turn we create more power for ourselves. We do this militarily as well as economically. Who you vote for, has been dictated by us for decades. Your man Trump is right about one thing though, and that is for as often as you Americans chant USA in victory, you're losing at every turn with us. With us he's right, you don't win anymore. We win.  You lose." 

"You have no idea what it takes, to harness the power of the people on this planet, not only militarily and financially but socially and fundamentally.  Do you really think we're going to let a non-conformist like Trump threaten that?  You're delusional. Trump is a Nationalist. We can not have a Nationalist non-conformist thwart everything we've accomplished over the past three decades. Besides, the man is a lose cannon. We can't afford a lose cannon."  

"From Bush to Obama, we have painstakingly shifted power and money away from the U.S. Follow the multiplicative trail - NAFTA, TPP, The Columbia Trade Agreement, the Panama Free Trade agreement, Korea... I could go on." 

"We have actually placed legal tariffs on the United States in many cases, in order to shift the imbalance out of your favor. Take China for example. When you devalue a currency by 35%, you're basically placing a tariff on the opposing country with whom they trade without actually imposing a real tariff, and yet you sit and take it because that's what you American's do.  You take it.  You take what we give you. A Nationalist like Trump would never allow this to occur, and so yes, up until now, you've elected whom we've told you to elect.  Up until now you've played by our rules without too much discourse, and that's because the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird in American politics.  Up until Trump you American's really never balked at our arrangement. Be that as it may, there's nothing you can do about it.  We own you. We own the planet.  The divisive nature of what we do is visible all around the globe, and you'd best know your role, as we can shift the blame anywhere, and anytime we like. We already have. Have you checked out your own global approval rating lately?"

"Up until now you've played by our rules without too much discourse, and that's because the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird in American politics."

"Since we're all being open and honest with one another these days, can we just talk openly about your man Trump?  Your man will not conform. He's not interested in money or power, as we've thrown it at his feet only to watch him disregard it.  Such an ego to go up against us, and yet many of your fellow Americans chide him for having an ego!  <he laughs> You can't do anything with a guy like that.  Given every opportunity to conform the fool declines. During the first debate, we had the moderator ask if there was anyone who would not pledge allegiance to the Republican party should they not receive the nomination. He's the only one who raised his hand.  In this election it's a globalist or bust when it comes to our agenda. Granted, in reality the question was "will you tow the line" and "get in your place" and "do as you're told?"  Instead, the arrogant fool raised his hand and said he would not play by our rules.  We had no choice but to go after him from that day forward, and go after him with both wings of the bird, politically speaking."  

"Trump refuses to tow the line and now, it seems that there is somewhat of an uprising in support of this man, but let me tell you, that the reality of this uprising is this, the American people don't have the stomach to continue to go up against our machine. When Trump moves his Bishop to block our Queen, we move our Knight to threaten his Bishop. We use his momentum as a means in which to cause further divisiveness in the American people. That which makes him powerful we use to make him weak. Admittedly he's done the same, but the American people will bend at the knee, at the pace in which this back and forth escalates. They don't have the stomach for this election.  They'll throw Trump under the bus like Judas to Jesus. Take Trumps Nationalist rants about border and security for example, they have now become rants of racism and anti-immigrant rhetoric, rather than anti-illegal immigration. Why?  Because the media we own spins it that way. If he wins the popular vote we'll steal it from him anyway.  What are you going to do about it?  I'll tell you what you're going to do about it.  You're going to eat it like a great big helping of Obamacare dessert and like it, otherwise you'll be left attacking one another while we watch from afar. Either way we win and you lose."  

At this point in the interview, I'm imagining myself punching this guy in the face, but I allow him to continue his rant. 

"We're willing to let this go as far down the rabbit hole as necessary.  We're willing to let this get to a fevered pitch!  We here in the global elite camp, will ramp up the divisive narrative until American's, in order to stop the discourse, will cave and do as they're told!  We are the architects!  The American people have no idea what is at stake here. This is far bigger than Mr. Trump!  At a minimum, anyone voting for one of our other candidates is certainly clueless. This election is pivotal in our quest for a global initiative whereby we harness a more permanent power structure, one which the likes of the world has ever seen. It will make the Roman Empire look like the conquest of antiquity."

"You see we're all accountable to someone, in order for it to work it must be that way.  You people are the only ones complaining about it!  Well... with the EU in disarray as a result of our immigration policy, I guess you're not completely alone.  <he laughs again> As a people you Americans are still better off than 80% of the worlds population and yet you complain! What you don't understand is that if you continued as some sort of a favorite child, there would only be so much wealth and power we could garner from you and only you.  We had to expand the base of power, and in order to do so we have had to weaken you.  When you think about it, we're more moral than you in that regard, whereas you want to think about yourselves, and then cry foul when we look out for larger global interests.  Globalism is not about free trade, it’s about a ruling global elite brokering deals on trade boards owned by big banks, that set up unfair deals all over the world to get nation states to go into debt, and in so doing transfer all the wealth to the globalist combines. Rinse and repeat.  It’s a world wide siphoning of power and money – but mostly power.  I'm sure your "vulgarian" Mr. Trump would tell you, that in any good contract, the money takes care of itself if the power of that agreement is brokered to favor your end of the deal."  

"We built India's infrastructure in a matter of mere decades.  Don't think that because you have a complex infrastructure that you're immune to our global geopolitical whimsy.  Your fate has already been decided, and when we steal this election away from Trump you'll sit and take it.  We will have, by that time, promoted such an even greater divisive message through our controlled media, that very few will have the stomach to stand and oppose it. You'll take what we shove down your throats and like it." 

Our elitist friend takes another drag of his cigarette.  His last comment was followed up with what I would call, a half baked laugh.  I really don't like this guy, but he's like a train wreck.  I simply have to hear him out.  These past eight months have taught me a lot, thanks to Mr. Trump. He's helped me fill in missing puzzle pieces. To hear one of the architects of this diabolical plan actually say it... I continued to remain quiet.  I continued to hear him out as he continues to brag about the atrocities which he and his global elitist friends have committed.   

"Try and think of the establishment as the judicial branch of
a global elite Monarchy."
"We globalists have done all of this – we’ve bankrupted countries, siphoned wealth, stolen elections and have set up our own tower of Babel, and we sure as hell aren’t going to let a glorified real estate agent / contractor, come in and take it."  

"We play God because we must. It's obvious why Trump chooses to challenge us via political correctness.  Control the language control the people.  Political correctness reigns and so do we.  Trumps and his supporters attack political correctness, just as the Nationalists do in Great Britain, but they will continue to fall on the sword of political correctness via our bought and paid for media. They will be labeled the same way in which we labeled Tea Baggers!  Today the term Tea Partier is synonymous with white racists.  We did that!  We're doing it again.  Every time you call us "the establishment" we place you at odds with one another.  You can not win. We strip the language from the left and from the right, handing it from one to the other when it suits us.  We have the media machine in order to do it." 

At this point I'm becoming bored with our friends rant.  Our elitist  friend has been working himself into a rage.  His voice has gradually increased in vibrato, and he's kicked up his volume several notches. I let him continue just a little longer.

"The age of men standing up to tyranny is over, we have broken the back of Americans by banking on their own hypocrisy when it comes to the scraps we allow them to feed from.   When push comes to shove the average American citizen, will be unwilling to make a stand against us, because at that point they'll be too busy fighting with one another.  Indeed, not only that, but you simply do not have the stomach for it.  John Q American is not going to risk the little piece of the world we've allowed him to keep.  He'll hold onto it for dear life, all the way up to the point where we walk up to him and take his guns and then the keys to his house.  He'll then just disappear into the landscape."

There's a knock on the door behind him.  He's not expecting anyone. Now it's my turn to smile.  

I end this somewhat fictional piece with a question to you the reader.  To you my fellow American. Who is on the other side of that door and what will become of the global elitist and his fellows?  You see, I happen to be of the humble belief that the United States of America is no ones patsy, and that we have one last shot in this election, to change the direction our country is headed, down a path that this pseudo-imaginary figure would bestow upon us given the opportunity to do so. Who's that knocking at the door? Is it you who reads this, knocking upon his door? Is it you on the other side of the door?  If so, I say we tar and feather this mother fucker, how about you?  You don't have to like Donald J. Trump. Like has got nothing to do with it.  Like was a luxury that perhaps your great, great grandparents had during election. Perhaps not.  

Regardless, it's of no consequence now.  It's time my fellow Americans to unite.  Not divide. It's time to thwart the common enemy.  If you cut off the establishment the elites lose tremendous power and are only left with a three legged stool.  We can not be fools and elect establishment politicians like CRUZe, Kasich, or Hillary, and we certainly don't need to throw the baby out with the bath water with socialism, especially when we've proven that our Republic can thrive under capitalism and a free democracy.  Like him or not, he's the right medicine. You may not like the taste of penicillin, but if you've got an infection in your body, you'd be wise to take it. Vote Trump.  Get the word out.  

As for me? I'd like to think that there are patriots on the other side of that door, with fife and drum. I hear them knocking.  Let them in. 



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